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How to tell if Christian Dior is vintage from the tags

How to tell if Christian Dior is vintage from the tags

In recent years, Dior has successfully adapted the brand and line of products to reflect growing trends towards streetwear and practical luxury clothing. The recent SS23 Dior collection is a great example of how far the brand has come. Instead of opulent dresses that flow endlessly, Dior’s most recent collection caters for the high end hiker, with hybrid designs that combine the practicality of The North Face with the design quality and desirability of Gucci.

Although the designs and silhouettes of Dior has changed a lot as different designers and trends have passed through, these are not the best features to observe to try and tell if your Dior is vintage. The tags are often the best port of call, as they have been updated over the years. However, just before you jump ahead to the tags below, here’s something to bear in mind that might give you an early indication if your Dior is vintage. If the wash tags are polyester and contain a lot of information, maybe even in multiple languages, this is a good indication that the piece is modern. An example of this can be seen below.

1950s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • Nearly all the tags, starting from the 1950s, use the full Christian Dior name and logo
  • They were white rectangles, sometimes with pointed ends
  • The text is black
  • Many of the tags refer to cities which are fashion capitols such as Paris, New York, and London
  • These tags, like many Dior tags until the 1990s, did not include sizing information

1950s vintage Christian Dior tags

1960s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • Many sub brands such as Miss Dior, Dior Boutique, Monsieur X and Chapeaux launched in the 1960s
  • Generally, tags remained the same shape and size, however some other colours and different font were used, especially for the sub brands
  • The current Dior logo was also used on some neck tags in the 1960s, however they can easily be distinguished from new ones as they include a lot more information
  • Up until the 1990s, the vast majority of Dior was either manufactured in France or England

1960s vintage Christian Dior tags

1960s vintage Christian Dior tags

1970s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • These tags nearly always have the logo at the top
  • Many of them started using a grey or silver thread for the text
  • They were white rectangles, with some exceptions for sub brands such as Miss Dior

 1970s vintage Christian Dior tags

1980s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • The tags started to become more uniform in design
  • A consistent size and shape were used for the tags
  • With the text being black
  • They stopped including as much information about production country and composition

 1980s vintage Christian Dior tags

1990s vintage Christian Dior tags

    • Loop tags were introduced in the 1990s
    • They often had the sizing on them or on an extra tab attached to them
    • Extra labels with composition and care information started to be included
  • The text on these was often sewn in and is pixelated as a result

 1990s vintage Christian Dior tags

2000s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • Christian Dior sports started to circulate a lot more in the 2000s
  • Loop tags were also used in the 2000s, but generally stopped being used after this time
  • Sizing is attached on an extra tab on the neck tag

2000s vintage Christian Dior tags

2010s vintage Christian Dior tags

  • Recent Dior tags include the new logo, which is all capitalised
  • The text is silver on a white rectangle
  • And it is only sewn in on the corners
  • Sizing and other information is included on a small tab and polyester wash tags at the waist as pictured

 2010s vintage Christian Dior tags

Vintage Christian Dior tags through the years - The history of Christian Dior tags

Vintage Christian Dior tags over the years

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