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The Difference Between Vintage Style and Wearing Used Clothes


Vintage Style vs. Wearing Used Clothes


For a long time, buying second-hand clothing was looked down on. Why would anyone want to buy clothing that has been worn before? Used clothing was only for people who could not afford to buy new. However, that changed in the 1960’s, as people started appreciating vintage fashion. So, how can you tell if you’re truly into vintage style, or if you’re just buying used clothes out of necessity? 

Vintage Style vs. Wearing Used Clothes


If you’re simply wearing used clothes, you probably go to thrift stores to get great deals. There’s nothing wrong with that! You might not geek out about what decade clothing items are from, and you could care less about the labels. You buy functional items, and if you had the option to buy the same piece brand new, you probably would. 

However, if you’re interested in vintage style it means you think carefully about what your outfit is going to express. You find joy in creating a look from a certain time period. You love to learn about the history of vintage jewelry and clothing, and to express that love for the past through the outfits that you put together. 

So, what’s true for you? Are you a true lover of vintage style, or do you wear used clothing because it is sometimes more affordable?

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